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Stillwater, Oklahoma

A landscape contractor with nearly fifteen years of hands on industry experience.

Who We Are

Professionals in landscape design and maintenance, meaning we can take on the full range of lawn and landscape services, from design to installation, maintenance to renovation.

William Simon is Central Lawn & Landscape's owner, operator, and principal contractor. He began the business in 1997 while a student of landscape contracting at Oklahoma State University. With an educational background and hands on experience, he is able to play roles of designer, crew member, and head contractor. Combining creative talent and knowledge of regional horticulture sets our landscape design and maintenance services apart from competitors, as he is able to make the process easier and more enjoyable for customers and run installation and maintenance jobs with more efficiency. Plus, our designs and plant materials are installed based on feasibility—we know what will grow best, where it grows best, and what simply won't work for your lawn, landscape, budget, design requirements, etcetera.

Where We Work

Located in Stillwater, Central Lawn & Landscape serves the following locations, along with those in between:

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Serving Stillwater, Perkins, Cushing, Perry, and other Oklahoma communities nearby.